Wedding Shower Favors

When you are throwing a bridal shower, it is custom to have wedding shower favors for your guests to take home. They can be a whole lot of fun to make!

Instead of spending time and money on items that will just collect dust, you can make wedding shower favors that your guests will use - and think of you each time they do!

Typically, the favors match the theme of the bridal shower decorations but this isn't necessary. Get as creative as you want.

Here are some ideas for your wedding shower favors:

  1. Create bags filled with potpourri or herbal tea. You can cut a small square out of thin fabric or netting and tie them with ribbon. Use your wedding colors. Add flowers. Get creative with it!
  2. potpourri wedding shower favors

  3. You can use the same concept above only instead of potpourri, fill your bags with small bars of fragrant soap. Soap smells yummy and will definitely get used eventually.
  4. Mini Small Wedding Soaps
    Photo Courtesy of Debra McDuffee

  5. Another great favor idea is miniature wreaths. You can find small wreaths in every craft store. You can wrap them with ribbons that matched your wedding colors, add some babies breath or decorate them in Christmas colors if you're having a winter wedding. Glue small magnets on the back so your guests can use them on the fridge.
  6. Mini Wreath
    Photo Courtesy of Always Springtime Flowers

  7. Another great idea is to combine your bridal shower favors with the wedding shower game ideas. You can do this by making something together as a group. Click here for more ideas on that.
  8. Pottery Party Wedding Shower

  9. Since being green is in and eco-friendly, give your guests small pots and seeds as your favors. Or better yet, recycle old tin cans and use them to plant seedlings in. You can decorate with ribbons and stickers or just leave as is for an urban look. Your guests can grow their tulips and herbs as you grow your marriage. The only difference is your marriage is perennial! :)
  10. Favors in Tin Cans, Seedlings

What Did You Do for Your Wedding Shower Favors?

Whether you made it yourself or went to a shower a got a great favor, show off your great ideas and talents. Share your crafty wedding shower favors here. We want to see photos, too!

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