Wedding Theme Ideas

Are you trying to decide what theme you want for your wedding? Looking for a source of wedding theme ideas or a little inspiration?

Maybe you don't want a tailored theme but just want to piece together custom wedding ideas to make your own theme, like having a green wedding or a funny wedding.

Whether you are looking for backyard wedding ideas or nailing down your nuptials on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, look no further! Or maybe I should say, just scroll down!

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You can find inspiration for your wedding's theme in so many places. You can choose an elaborate motif like having one of those Westchester weddings or go for something simpler and decorate around your wedding color schemes.

Find inspiration in the seasons and you can coordinate one of the most beautiful winter weddings. You can even coordinate your wedding around your favorite Star Wars character - the possibilities are endless.

You can be your own inspiration! Begin by examining areas in your life that you are interested. What do you adore?

Below are some great ideas for you to find examples and inspiration:






More wedding theme ideas coming soon in the Wedding Ideas on a Budget e-zine. What are some of the things that you have come up with? Share your stories and ideas here.

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