Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are becoming more and more popular. It's evident that June isn't the only good wedding month anymore.

winter wedding

Plan to incorporate your winter theme in every aspect of your wedding. Here are some other pages to help with your inspirations:

Whether you are having a Christmas wedding or just celebrating the Winter Solstice by uniting with the one you love, here are some great ideas for your winter wedding:
  1. Give out hand warmers with the programs to keep your guests from getting too chilly!
  2. pumpkin candle holder
    Photo Courtesy of Cape and Crown on Etsy

  3. When decorating your venue, go for the starker appearance using colors like ivory, white, silver, gold, etc. More is less when it comes to decorating for winter weddings.
  4. winter wedding

  5. Pull in natural winter elements such as pine cones and snow flakes. These items can be attained for free or very little money.
  6. wedding pinecones

Other ideas for winter weddings:
  • Look up "winter wedding craft inspiration" on Pinterest.

  • Take advantage of the winter theme and run off to a cozy winter lodge for a ski trip honeymoon! You know the kind with the jacuzzi right there in your room and hot chocolate on the room service menu :)

  • Regarding transportation and depending on the area that you are getting married, plan on leaving enough time for people to get from one place to another. Factor in son or ice on the road and have a back up plan just in case you need to move your venue because of the weather.

  • Check back on Tutorial Tuesday for some more craft ideas to help with your winter wedding plans!

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